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ID Paper Session information Title Authors
8 Poster Session 2 Near-perfect Relation Extraction from Family Books George Nagy
19 Oral session 6 Explore Hierarchical Relations Reasoning and Global Information Aggregation Lei Li, Chun Yuan and Kai Fan


Oral session 3 BoundaryNet: An Attentive Deep Network with Fast Marching Distance Maps for Semi-automatic Layout Annotation Abhishek Trivedi and Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla
22 Poster Session 1 Full Page Handwriting Recognition via Image to Sequence Extraction Sumeet S. Singh and Sergey Karayev
23 Poster Session 1 Can Text Summarization Enhance the Headline Stance Detection Task? Benefits and Drawbacks Marta Vicente, Robiert Sepúlveda-Torrres, Cristina Barros, Estela Saquete and Elena Lloret
24 Poster Session 2 Density Parameters of Handwriting in Schizophrenia and Affective Disorders Assessed Using the Raygraf Computer Software Barbara Gawda
25 Oral session 6 Reciprocal Feature Learning via Explicit and Implicit Tasks in Scene Text Recognition Hui Jiang, Yunlu Xu, Zhanzhan Cheng, Shiliang Pu, Yi Niu, Wenqi Ren, Fei Wu and Wenming Tan
26 Oral session 4 LGPMA: Complicated Table Structure Recognition with Local and Global Pyramid Mask Alignment Liang Qiao, Zaisheng Li, Zhanzhan Cheng, Peng Zhang, Shiliang Pu, Yi Niu, Wenqi Ren, Wenming Tan and Fei Wu
27 Oral session 4 VSR: A Unified Framework for Document Layout Analysis combining Vision, Semantics and Relations Peng Zhang, Can Li, Liang Qiao, Zhanzhan Cheng, Shiliang Pu, Yi Niu and Fei Wu
28 Poster Session 2 A More Effective Sentence-Wise Text Segmentation Approach using BERT Amit Maraj, Miguel Vargas Martin and Masoud Makrehchi
29 Poster Session 1 Text-line-up: Don’t Worry about the Caret Chandranath Adak, Bidyut B. Chaudhuri, Chin-Teng Lin and Michael Blumenstein
30 Poster Session 2 Open Set Authorship Attribution toward Demystifying Victorian Periodicals Sarkhan Badirli, Mary Borgo Ton, Abdulmecit Gungor and Murat Dundar
33 Oral session 6 Text Detection by Jointly Learning Character and Word Regions Deyang Wu, Xingfei Hu, Zhaozhi Xie, Haiyan Li, Usman Ali and Hongtao Lu
34 Poster Session 2 FEDS - Filtered Edit Distance Surrogate Yash Patel and Jiří Matas
36 Oral session 4 Layout-Parser:  A Unified Toolkit for Deep Learning Based Document Image Analysis Zejiang Shen, Ruochen Zhang, Melissa Dell, Benjamin Charles Germain Lee, Jacob Carlson and Weining Li
37 Poster Session 1 Research on pseudo-label technology for multi-label news classification Lianxi Wang, Xiaotian Lin and Nankai Lin
39 Poster Session 1 Context-Free TextSpotter for Real-Time and Mobile End-to-End Text Detection and Recognition Ryota Yoshihashi, Tomohiro Tanaka, Kenji Doi, Takumi Fujino and Naoaki Yamashita
43 Poster Session 2 Mask Scene Text Recognizer Haodong Shi, Liangrui Peng, Ruijie Yan, Gang Yao, Shuman Han and Shengjin Wang
45 Poster Session 2 Bayesian Hyperparameter optimization of Deep Neural Network algorithms based on Ant Colony optimization Sinda Jlassi, Imen Jdey and Hela Ltifi
46 Poster Session 2 Attention based Multiple Siamese Network for Offline Signature Verification Yu-Jie Xiong and Song-Yang Cheng
48 Poster Session 1 Sequence Learning Model for Syllables Recognition Arranged in Two Dimensions Valerii Dziubliuk, Mykhailo Zlotnyk and Oleksandr Viatchaninov
49 Poster Session 2 End-to-End Approach for Recognition of Historical Digit Strings Mengqiao Zhao, Andre Gustavo Hochuli and Abbas Cheddad
50 Poster Session 1 Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition with Bidirectionally Trained Transformer Wenqi Zhao, Liangcai Gao, Zuoyu Yan, Shuai Peng, Lin Du and Ziyin Zhang
51 Poster Session 1 Towards Document Panoptic Segmentation with Pinpoint Accuracy: Method and Evaluation Rongyu Cao, Hongwei Li, Ganbin Zhou and Ping Luo
53 Poster Session 2 Rotated Box Is Back: An Accurate Box Proposal Network for Scene Text Detection Jusung Lee, Jaemyung Lee, Cheoljong Yang, Younghyun Lee and Joonsoo Lee
55 Poster Session 2 A Novel Sigma-Lognormal Parameter Extractor for Online Signatures A Novel Sigma-Lognormal Parameter Extractor for Online Signatures
56 Poster Session 1 Sparse Document Analysis using Beta-Liouville Naive Bayes with Vocabulary Knowledge Fatma Najar and Nizar Bouguila
59 Poster Session 1 Transformer for Handwritten Text Recognition using Bidirectional Post-Decoding Christoph Wick, Jochen Zöllner and Tobias Grüning
60 Poster Session 1 Zero-Shot Chinese Text Recognition via Matching Class Embedding Yuhao Huang, Lianwen Jin and Dezhi Peng
61 Poster Session 2 Improving Machine Understanding of Human Intent in Charts Sihang Wu, Canyu Xie, Yuhao Huang, Guozhi Tang, Qianying Liao, Jiapeng Wang, Bangdong Chen, Hongliang Li, Xinfeng Chang, Hui Li, Kai Ding, Yichao Huang and Lianwen Jin
63 Poster Session 2 Searching from the Prediction of Visual and Language Model for Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition Brian Liu, Weicong Sun, Wenjing Kang and Xianchao Xu
67 Poster Session 1 Text-conditioned Character Segmentation for CTC-based Text Recognition

Ryohei Tanaka, Kunio Osada and Akio Furuhata

70 Poster Session 2 EDNets: Deep Feature Learning for Document Image Classification based on Multi-view Encoder-Decoder Neural Networks

Akrem Sellami and Salvatore Tabbone

71 Poster Session 2 Handwriting Recognition with Novelty

Derek S. Prijatelj, Samuel Grieggs, Futoshi Yumoto, Eric Robertson and Walter J. Scheirer

73 Poster Session 2 Data Augmentation for Writer Identification Using a Cognitive Inspired Model

Fabio Pignelli, Yandre M. G. Costa, Luiz S. Oliveira and Diego Bertolini

75 Oral Session 3  Pho(SC)Net: An Approach Towards Zero-shot Word Image Recognition in Historical Documents

Anuj Rai, Narayanan C. Krishnan and Sukalpa Chanda

76 Poster Session 1  SPAN: a Simple Predict & Align Network for Handwritten Paragraph Recognition

Denis Coquenet, Clément Chatelain and Thierry Paquet

78 Poster Session 2 GNHK: A Dataset for English Handwriting in the Wild

Alex W. C. Lee, Jonathan Chung and Marco Lee

83 Poster Session 1 Dialogue Act Recognition using Visual Information

Jiří Martínek, Pavel Král and Ladislav Lenc

86 Poster Session 2 Sequential Next-Symbol Prediction for Optical Music Recognition

Enrique Mas-Candela, Maria Alfaro-Contreras and Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza

87 Oral Session 3 Versailles-FP dataset: Wall Detection in Ancient Floor Plans

Wassim Swaileh, Dimitrios Kotzinos, Suman Ghosh, Michel Jordan, Ngoc-Son Vu and Yaguan Qian

88 Poster Session 2 Heterogeneous Network Based Semi-supervised Learning For Scene Text Recognition

Qianyi Jiang, Qi Song, Nan Li, Rui Zhang and Xiaolin Wei

90 Poster Session 2 Scene Text Detection with Scribble Line

Wenqing Zhang, Yang Qiu, Minghui Liao, Rui Zhang, Xiaolin Wei and Xiang Bai

91 Poster Session 2 Synthesizing Training Data for Handwritten Music Recognition

Jiří Mayer and Pavel Pecina

92 Oral Session 6 Vision Transformer for Fast and Efficient Scene Text Recognition

Rowel Atienza

94 Oral Session 3 Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Learning Attribute Representations for Word Spotting

Fabian Wolf, Andreas Fischer and Gernot A. Fink

95 Poster Session 1 Are End-to-End Systems Really Necessary for NER on Handwritten Document Images?

Oliver Tüselmann, Fabian Wolf and Gernot A. Fink

96 Poster Session 1 Image-based Relation Classification Approach for Table Structure Recognition

Koji Ichikawa

97 Oral Session 3  Context Aware Generation of Cuneiform Signs

Kai Brandenbusch, Eugen Rusakov and Gernot A. Fink

99 Oral Session 8 DocReader: Bounding-Box Free Training of a Document Information Extraction Model

Shachar Klaiman and Marius Lehne

104 Poster Session 2 EEM: An End-to-end Evaluation Metric for Scene Text Detection and Recognition

Jiedong Hao, Yafei Wen, Jie Deng, Jun Gan, Shuai Ren, Hui Tan, and Xiaoxin Chen

105 Poster Session 2 DeMatch: Towards Understanding the Panel of Chart Documents

Hesuo Zhang, Weihong Ma, Lianwen Jin, Yichao Huang, Kai Ding and Yaqiang Wu

106 Oral Session 10 Towards an efficient framework for Data Extraction from Chart Images

Weihong Ma, Hesuo Zhang, Shuang Yan, Guangshun Yao, Yichao Huang, Hui Li, Yaqiang Wu and Lianwen Jin

108 Poster Session 1 Rethinking Table Structure Recognition Using Sequence Labeling Methods

Yibo Li, Yilun Huang, Ziyi Zhu, Lemeng Pan, Yongshuai Huang, Lin Du, Zhi Tang and Liangcai Gao

112 Poster Session 2 A Modular and Automated Annotation Platform for Handwritings: Evaluation on Under-resourced Languages

Chahan Vidal-Gorène, Boris Dupin, Aliénor Decours-Perez and Thomas Riccioli

113 Poster Session 1 Label Selection Algorithm Based on Boolean Interpolative Decomposition with Sequential Backward Selection for Multi-label Classification

Tianqi Ji, Jun Li and Jianhua Xu

115 Poster Session 1 Image to LaTeX with Graph Neural Network for Mathematical Formula Recognition

Shuai Peng, Liangcai Gao, Ke Yuan and Zhi Tang

116 Poster Session 1 CoMSum and SIBERT: A Dataset and Neural Model for Query-Based Multi-Document Summarization

Sayali Kulkarni, Sheide Chammas, Wan Zhu, Fei Sha and Eugene Ie

117 Oral Session 9 Distilling the Documents for Relation Extraction by Topic Segmentation

Minghui Wang, Ping Xue, Ying Li and Zhonghai Wu

118 Oral Session 3 Adaptive Scaling for Archival Table Structure Recognition

Xiao-Hui Li, Fei Yin, Xu-Yao Zhang and Cheng-Lin Liu

119 Poster Session 1 TabLeX: A Benchmark Dataset for Structure and Content Information Extraction from Scientific Tables

Harsh Desai, Pratik Kayal and Mayank Singh

122 Poster Session 2 Reducing the Human Effort in Text Line Segmentation for Historical Documents

Emilio Granell, Lorenzo Quirós, Verónica Romero and Joan Andreu Sánchez

124 Poster Session 2 Gender Detection Based on Spatial Pyramid Matching

Fahimeh Alaei and Alireza Alaei

125 Oral Session 8 Document Dewarping with Control Points

Guo-Wang Xie, Fei Yin, Xu-Yao Zhang and Cheng-Lin Liu

126 Poster Session 2 Recognizing Handwritten Chinese Texts with Insertion and Swapping Using A Structural Attention Network

Shi Yan, Jin-Wen Wu, Fei Yin and Cheng-Lin Liu

127 Poster Session 2 Towards an IMU-based Pen Online Handwriting Recognizer

Mohamad Wehbi, Tim Hamann, Jens Barth, Peter Kaempf, Dario Zanca and Bjoern Eskofier

129 Poster Session 1 Palmira: A Deep Deformable Network for Instance Segmentation of Dense and Uneven Layouts in Handwritten Manuscripts

S P Sharan, Sowmya Aitha, Amandeep Kumar, Abhishek Trivedi, Aaron Augustine and Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla

131 Poster Session 1 Probabilistic Indexing and Search for Hyphenated Words

Enrique Vidal and Alejandro H. Toselli

132 Poster Session 2 2D vs 3D online writer identification: a comparative study

Antonio Parziale, Cristina Carmona-Duarte, Miguel Angel Ferrer and Angelo Marcelli

138 Poster Session 2 Language-Independent Bimodal System for Early Parkinson’s Disease Detection

Catherine Taleb, Laurence Likforman-Sulem and Chafic Mokbel

139 Poster Session 2 A Handwritten Signature Segmentation Approach for Multi-resolution and Complex Documents Acquired by Multiple Sources

Celso A. M. Lopes Junior, Murilo C. Stodolni, Byron L. D. Bezerra and Donato Impedovo

140 Poster Session 2 Font Style that Fits an Image -- Font Generation Based on Image Context

Taiga Miyazono, Brian Kenji Iwana, Daichi Haraguchi and Seiichi Uchida

141 Poster Session 1 Towards Fast, Accurate and Compact Online Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition

Dezhi Peng, Canyu Xie, Hongliang Li, Lianwen Jin, Zecheng Xie, Kai Ding, Yichao Huang and Yaqiang Wu

142 Oral Session 10 Geometric Object 3D Reconstruction From Single Line Drawings Image Based on a Network for Classification and Sketch Extraction

Zhuoying Wang, Qingkai Fang and Yongtao Wang

143 Poster Session 1 RTNet: An End-to-End Method for Handwritten Text Image Translation

Tonghua Su, Shuchen Liu and Shengjie Zhou

145 Poster Session 1 GSSF: A Generative Sequence Similarity Function based on a Seq2Seq model for clustering online handwritten mathematical answers

Huy Quang Ung, Cuong Tuan Nguyen, Hung Tuan Nguyen and Masaki Nakagawa

146 Poster Session 1 A-VLAD: An End-to-End Attention-based Neural Network for Writer Identification in Historical Documents

Trung Tan Ngo, Hung Tuan Nguyen and Masaki Nakagawa

148 Poster Session 2 Data Augmentation Based on CycleGAN for Improving Woodblock-printing Mongolian Words Recognition

Hongxi Wei, Kexin Liu, Jing Zhang and Daoerji Fan

149 Poster Session 1 Page Layout Analysis System for Unconstrained Historic Documents

Oldřich Kodym and Michal Hradiš

154 Poster Session 2 Estimating Human Legibility in Historic Manuscript Images - A Baseline

Simon Brenner, Lukas Schügerl and Robert Sablatnig

156 Oral Session 6 Look, Read and Ask: Learning to Ask Questions by Reading Text in Images

Soumya Jahagirdar, Shankar Gangisetty and Anand Mishra

157 Poster Session 1 Consideration of the word’s neighborhood in GATs for information extraction in semi-structured documents

Djedjiga Belhadj, Yolande Belaïd and Abdel Belaïd

158 Poster Session 1  Automatic Signature-based Writer Identification in Mixed-script Scenarios

Sk Md Obaidullah, Mridul Ghosh, Himadri Mukherjee, Kaushik Roy and Umapada Pal

160 Poster Session 1 Training Bi-Encoders for Word Sense Disambiguation

Harsh Kohli

163 Poster Session 1 IHR-NomDB: The Old Degraded Vietnamese Handwritten Script Archive Database

Manh Tu VU, Van Linh LE, and Marie BEURTON-AIMAR

170 Oral Session 7 One-Model Ensemble-Learning for Text Recognition of Historical Printings

Christoph Wick and Christian Reul

172 Poster Session 1 Manga-MMTL: multimodal multitask transfer learning for manga character analysis

Nhu-Van Nguyen, Christophe Rigaud, Arnaud Revel and Jean-Christophe Burie

173 Poster Session 2 Vectorization of Historical Maps Using Deep Edge Filtering and Closed Shape Extraction

Yizi Chen, Edwin Carlinet, Joseph Chazalon, Clément Mallet, Bertrand Duménieu and Julien Perret

175 Poster Session 1 SandSlide: Automatic Slideshow Normalization

Sieben Bocklandt, Gust Verbruggen and Thomas Winters

177 Poster Session 2 Generating Synthetic Handwritten Historical Documents With OCR Constrained GANs

Lars Vögtlin, Manuel Drazyk, Vinaychandran Pondenkandath, Michele Alberti and Rolf Ingold

179 Poster Session 2 Attention to Warp: Deep Metric Learning for Multivariate Time Series

Shinnosuke Matsuo, Xiaomeng Wu, Gantugs Atarsaikhan, Akisato Kimura, Kunio Kashino, Brian Kenji Iwana and Seiichi Uchida

180 Poster Session 2 A New Semi-Automatic Annotation Model via Semantic Boundary Estimation for Scene Text Detection

Zhenzhou Zhuang, Zonghao Liu, Kin-Man Lam, Shuangping Huang and Gang Dai

181 Oral Session 8 Unknown-box Approximation to Improve Optical Character Recognition Performance

Ayantha Randika, Nilanjan Ray, Xiao Xiao and Allegra Latimer

182 Oral Session 4 Competition and Collaboration in Document Analysis and Recognition

Daniel Lopresti and George Nagy

185 Poster Session 1 Toward Automatic Interpretation of 3D Plots

Laura E. Brandt and William T. Freeman

186  Poster Session 2 DSCNN: Dimension Separable Convolutional Neural Networks for character recognition based on inertial sensor signal

Fan Peng, Zhendong Zhuang and Yang Xue

188 Poster Session 2 SynthTIGER: Synthetic Text Image GEneratoR Towards Better Text Recognition Models

Moonbin Yim, Yoonsik Kim, Han-Cheol Cho and Sungrae Park

192 Poster Session 2 Fast Text v. Non-text Classification of Images

Jiri Kralicek and Jiri Matas

195 Poster Session 1 NTable: A Dataset for Camera-based Table Detection

Ziyi Zhu, Liangcai Gao, Yibo Li, Yilun Huang, Lin Du, Ning Lu and Xianfeng Wang

196 Poster Session 1 Determining optimal frame processing strategies for real-time document recognition systems

Konstantin Bulatov and Vladimir V. Arlazarov

198 Poster Session 2 SauvolaNet: Learning Adaptive Sauvola Network for Degraded Document Binarization

Deng Li, Yue Wu and Yicong Zhou

199 Poster Session 2 Complete Optical Music Recognition via Agnostic Transcription and Machine Translation

Antonio Ríos-Vila, David Rizo and Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza

201 Poster Session 1 Dynamic Receptive Field Adaptation for Attention-Based Text Recognition

Haibo Qin, Chun Yang, Xiaobin Zhu and Xucheng Yin

202 Poster Session 2 Personalizing Handwriting Recognition Systems with Limited User-Specific Samples

Christian Gold, Dario van den Boom and Torsten Zesch

206 Poster Session 1  LSTMVAEF: Vivid Layout via LSTM-based Variational Autoencoder Framework

Jie He, Xingjiao Wu, Wenxin Hu and Jing Yang

208 Poster Session 2 Key-guided Identity Document Classification Method by Graph Attention Network

Xiaojie Xia, Wei Liu, Ying Zhang, Liuan Wang and Jun Sun

209 Oral session 10 DiagramNet: Hand-drawn Diagram Recognition using Visual Arrow-relation Detection

Bernhard Schäfer and Heiner Stuckenschmidt

211 Poster Session 1  HCRNN: A Novel Architecture for Fast Online Handwritten Stroke Classification Andrii Grygoriev, Illya Degtyarenko, Ivan Deriuga, Serhii Polotskyi, Volodymyr Melnyk, Dmytro Zakharchuk and Olga Radyvonenko
218 Poster Session 2 Fast Recognition for Multidirectional and Multi-Type License Plates with 2D Spatial Attention Qi Liu, Song-Lu Chen, Zhen-Jia Li, Chun Yang, Feng Chen and Xu-Cheng Yin
219 Poster Session 1  Multimodal Attention-based Learning for Imbalanced Corporate Documents Classification

Ibrahim Souleiman Mahamoud, Joris Voerman, Mickaël Coustaty, Aurélie Joseph, Vincent Poulain d'Andecy and Jean-Marc Ogier

221 Poster Session 2 AT-ST: Self-Training Adaptation Strategy for OCR in Domains with Limited Transcriptions

Martin Kišš, Karel Beneš and Michal Hradiš

226 Poster Session 1  Embedded Attributes for Cuneiform Sign Spotting

Eugen Rusakov, Turna Somel, Gerfrid G.W. Müller and Gernot A. Fink

231 Oral session 7 On the use of attention in deep learning based denoising method for ancient Cham inscription images

Tien-Nam Nguyen, Jean-Christophe Burie, Thi-Lan Le and Anne-Valerie Schweyer

232 Poster Session 2 Image Collation: Matching illustrations in manuscripts

Ryad Kaoua, Xi Shen, Alexandra Durr, Stavros Lazaris, David Picard and Mathieu Aubry

234 Poster Session 1  DeepCPCFG: Deep Learning and Context Free Grammars for End-to-End Information Extraction

Freddy C. Chua and Nigel P. Duffy

235 Poster Session 1  Improved Graph Methods for Table Layout Understanding Jose Ramón Prieto and Enrique Vidal
236 Poster Session 1  Temporal Ordering of Events via Deep Neural Networks Nafaa Haffar, Rami Ayadi, Emna Hkiri and Mounir Zrigui
237 Poster Session 1  A Math Formula Extraction and Evaluation Framework for PDF Documents Ayush Kumar Shah, Abhisek Dey and Richard Zanibbi
238 Oral session 5 2D Self-Attention Convolutional Recurrent Network for Offline Handwritten Text Recognition Nam Tuan Ly, Hung Tuan Nguyen and Masaki Nakagawa
239 Oral session 10 Formula Citation Graph Based Mathematical Information Retrieval Ke Yuan, Liangcai Gao, Zhuoren Jiang and Zhi Tang
241 Poster Session 2 Which Parts Determine the Impression of the Font? Masaya Ueda, Akisato Kimura and Seiichi Uchida
242 Poster Session 1  The Biased Coin Flip Process for Nonparametric Topic Modeling Justin Wood, Wei Wang and Corey Arnold
244 Poster Session 2 A Multi-level Progressive Rectification Mechanism for Irregular Scene Text Recognition Qianying Liao, Qingxiang Lin, Lianwen Jin, Canjie Luo, Jiaxin Zhang, Dezhi Peng and Tianwei Wang
246 Poster Session 1  HCADecoder: A Hybrid CTC-Attention Decoder for Chinese Text Recognition Siqi Cai, Wenyuan Xue, Qingyong Li and Peng Zhao
247 Poster Session 2 A Large Multi-Target Dataset of Common Bengali Handwritten Graphemes Samiul Alam, Tahsin Reasat, Asif Shahriyar Sushmit, Sadi Mohammad Siddique, Fuad Rahman, Mahady Hasan and Ahmed Imtiaz Humayun
248 Poster Session 1  Data Centric Domain Adaptation for Historical Text with OCR Errors Luisa März, Stefan Schweter, Nina Poerner, Benjamin Roth and Hinrich Schütze
251 Poster Session 1  Unsupervised learning of text line segmentation by differentiating coarse patterns Berat Kurar Barakat, Ahmad Droby, Raid Saabni and Jihad El-Sana
253 Poster Session 2 VML-HP: Hebrew paleography dataset Ahmad Droby, Berat Kurar Barakat, Daria Vasyutinsky Shapira, Irina Rabaev and Jihad El-Sana
254 Poster Session 1  Information Extraction from Invoices Ahmed Hamdi, Elodie Carel, Aurélie Joseph, Mickael Coustaty and Antoine Doucet
256 Poster Session 1  Are You Really Complaining? A Multi-task Framework for Complaint Identification, Emotion and Sentiment Classification Apoorva Singh and Sriparna Saha
257 Poster Session 1  An Encoder-Decoder Approach to Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition with Multi-Head Attention and Stacked Decoder Haisong Ding, Kai Chen and Qiang Huo
259 Poster Session 1  Two-Step Fine-Tuned Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-Label Classification of Children's Drawings Muhammad Osama Zeeshan, Imran Siddiqi and Momina Moetesum
266 Oral session 9  LAMBERT: Layout-Aware Language Modeling for Information Extraction Łukasz Garncarek, Rafał Powalski, Tomasz Stanisławek, Bartosz Topolski, Piotr Halama, Michał Turski and Filip Graliński
269 Oral session 9  ViBERTgrid: A Jointly Trained Multi-Modal 2D Document Representation for Key Information Extraction from Documents Weihong Lin, Qifang Gao, Lei Sun, Zhuoyao Zhong, Kai Hu, Qin Ren and Qiang Huo
270 Poster Session 2 Strikethrough Removal From Handwritten Words Using CycleGANs Raphaela Heil, Ekta Vats and Anders Hast
271 Poster Session 1  Global Context for improving recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions Cuong Tuan Nguyen, Thanh-Nghia Truong, Hung Tuan Nguyen and Masaki Nakagawa
272 Poster Session 1  Document Collection Visual Question Answering Rubèn Tito, Dimosthenis Karatzas and Ernest Valveny
273 Poster Session 1  Light-weight Document Image Cleanup using Perceptual Loss Soumyadeep Dey and Pratik Jawanpuria
274 Poster Session 2 Towards Book Cover Design via Layout Graphs Wensheng Zhang, Yan Zheng, Taiga Miyazono, Seiichi Uchida and Brian Kenji Iwana
275 Oral session 5 Handwritten Text Recognition with Convolutional Prototype Network and Most Aligned Frame Based CTC Training Likun Gao, Heng Zhang and Cheng-Lin Liu
277 Oral session 5 Online Spatio-Temporal 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Early Recognition of Handwritten Gestures William Mocaër, Eric Anquetil and Richard Kulpa
279 Oral session 5 Mix-Up Augmentation for Oracle Character Recognition with Imbalanced Data Distribution Jing Li, Qiu-Feng Wang, Rui Zhang and Kaizhu Huang
283 Poster Session 2 Fast End-to-end Deep Learning Identity Document Detection, Classification and Cropping Guillaume Chiron, Florian Arrestier and Ahmad Montaser Awal
285 Oral session 5 SmartPatch: Improving Handwritten Word Imitation with Patch Discriminators Alexander Mattick, Martin Mayr, Mathias Seuret, Andreas Maier and Vincent Christlein
286 Oral session 9  Kleister: Key Information Extraction Datasets Involving Long Documents with Complex Layouts Tomasz Stanisławek, Filip Graliński, Anna Wróblewska, Dawid Lipiński, Agnieszka Kaliska, Paulina Rosalska, Bartosz Topolski and Przemysław Biecek
287 Poster Session 2 Impressions2Font: Generating Fonts by Specifying Impressions Seiya Matsuda, Akisato Kimura and Seiichi Uchida
289 Poster Session 2 Applying End-to-end Trainable Approach on Stroke Extraction in Handwritten Math Expressions Images Elmokhtar Mohamed Moussa, Thibault Lelore and Harold Mouchère
295 Oral session 4 Understanding and Mitigating the Impact of Model Compression for Document Image Classification Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Andreas Dengel and Sheraz Ahmed
296 Poster Session 2 Document Image Quality Assessment via Explicit Blur and Text Size Estimation Dmitry Rodin, Vasily Loginov, Ivan Zagaynov and Nikita Orlov
297 Poster Session 2 Analyzing the potential of Zero-Shot Recognition for Document Image Classification Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Andreas Dengel and Sheraz Ahmed
299 Oral session 4 Hierarchical and Multimodal Classification of Images from Soil Remediation Reports Korlan Rysbayeva, Romain Giot and Nicholas Journet
305 Poster Session 2 Iterative Weighted Transductive Learning for Handwriting Recognition George Retsinas, Giorgos Sfikas and Christophoros Nikou
306 Poster Session 1  DCINN: Deformable Convolution and Inception Based Neural Network for Tattoo Text Detection through Skin Region Tamal Chowdhury, Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Umapada Pal, Tong Lu, Ramachandra Raghavendra and Sukalpa Chanda
307 Poster Session 2 An Efficient Local Word Augment Approach for Mongolian Handwritten Script Recognition Haoran Zhang, Wei Chen, Xiangdong Su, Hui Guo and Huali Xu
316 Poster Session 1  A Novel Method for Automated Suggestion of Similar Software Incidents using 2-Stage Filtering : Findings on Primary Data Badal Agrawal, Mohit Mishra and Varun Parashar
318 Poster Session 1  Going Full-TILT Boogie on Document Understanding with Text-Image-Layout Transformer Rafał Powalski, Łukasz Borchmann, Dawid Jurkiewicz, Tomasz Dwojak, Michał Pietruszka and Gabriela Pałka
319 Poster Session 2 Revisiting the Coco Panoptic Metric to Enable Visual and Qualitative Analysis of Historical Map Instance Segmentation Joseph Chazalon and Edwin Carlinet
320 Poster Session 2 TS-Net: OCR Trained to Switch Between Text Transcription Styles Jan Kohút and Michal Hradiš
323 Oral session 7 Visual FUDGE: Form Understanding via Dynamic Graph Editing Brian Davis, Bryan Morse, Brian Price, Chris Tensmeyer and Curtis Wiginton
324 Poster Session 1  Date Estimation in the Wild of Scanned Historical Photos: An Image Retrieval Approach Adrià Molina, Pau Riba, Lluis Gomez, Oriol Ramos-Terrades and Josep Lladós
325 Poster Session 1  C2VNet: A Deep Learning Framework Towards Comic Strip to Audio-Visual Scene Synthesis Vaibhavi Gupta, Vinay Detani, Vivek Khokar and Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay
327 Poster Session 1  Learning to Rank Words: Optimizing Ranking Metrics for Word Spotting Pau Riba, Adrià Molina, Lluis Gomez, Oriol Ramos-Terrades and Josep Lladós
328 Poster Session 1  RFDoc: memory efficient local descriptors for ID documents localization and classification Daniil Matalov, Elena Limonova, Natalya Skoryukina and Vladimir V. Arlazarov
331 Poster Session 2 IIIT-INDIC-HW-WORDS: A Dataset for Indic Handwritten Text Recognition Santhoshini Gongidi and C V Jawahar
334 Poster Session 1  Deep Learning for Document Layout Generation: A First Reproducible Quantitative Evaluation and a Baseline Model Romain Carletto, Hubert Cardot and Nicolas Ragot
338 Poster Session 1  TabAug: Data Driven Augmentation for Enhanced Table Structure Recognition Umar Khan, Sohaib Zahid, Muhammad Asad Ali, Adnan Ul-Hasan and Faisal Shafait
340 Poster Session 2 TRACE: A Differentiable Approach to Line-level Stroke Recovery for Offline Handwritten Text Taylor Archibald, Mason Poggemann, Aaron Chan and Tony Martinez
342 Poster Session 1  MRD: A Memory Relation Decoder for Online Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition Jiaming Wang, Qing Wang, Jun Du, Jianshu Zhang, Bin Wang and Bo Ren
344 Oral session 6 CATNet: Scene Text Recognition Guided by Concatenating Augmented Text Features Ziyin Zhang, Lemeng Pan, Lin Du, Qingrui Li and Ning Lu
346 Poster Session 2 Representation and Correlation Enhanced Encoder-Decoder Framework for Scene Text Recognition Mengmeng Cui, Wei Wang, Jinjin Zhang and Liang Wang
347 Poster Session 2 Customizable Camera Verification for Media Forensic Huaigu Cao and Wael AbdAlmageed
348 Poster Session 1  MIDV-LAIT: a challenging dataset for recognition of IDs with Perso-Arabic, Thai, and Indian scripts Yulia Chernyshova, Ekaterina Emelianova, Alexander Sheshkus and Vladimir V. Arlazarov
350 Poster Session 1  Meta-learning of Pooling Layers for Character Recognition Takato Otsuzuki, Heon Song, Seiichi Uchida and Hideaki Hayashi
356 Oral session 5 Radical Composition Network for Chinese Character Generation Mobai Xue, Jun Du, Jianshu Zhang, Zi-Rui Wang, Bin Wang and Bo Ren
357 Poster Session 2 Segmentation and graph matching for online analysis of student arithmetic operations Arnaud Lods, Éric Anquetil and Sébastien Macé
358 Oral session 7 Annotation-Free Character Detection in Historical Vietnamese Stele Images Anna Scius-Bertrand, Michael Jungo, Beat Wolf, Andreas Fischer and Marc Bui
360 Poster Session 2 Bidirectional Regression for Arbitrary-Shaped Text Detection Tao Sheng and Zhouhui Lian
361 Poster Session 2 HRRegionNet: Chinese Character Segmentation in Historical Documents with Regional Awareness Chia-Wei Tang, Chao-Lin Liu and Po-Sen Chiu
366 Poster Session 1  Digital Editions as Distant Supervision for Layout Analysis of Printed Books Alejandro H. Toselli, Si Wu and David A. Smith
367 Oral session 8 Document Domain Randomization for Deep Learning Document Layout Extraction Meng Ling, Jian Chen, Torsten Möller, Petra Isenberg, Tobias Isenberg, Michael Sedlmair, Robert S. Laramee, Han-Wei Shen, Jian Wu and C. Lee Giles
369 Poster Session 1  MiikeMineStamps: A Long-Tailed Dataset of Japanese Stamps via Active Learning Paola A., Buitrago, Evgeny Toropov, Rajanie Prabha, Julian Uran and Raja Adal
370 Poster Session 2 DocSynth: A Layout Guided Approach for Controllable Document Image Synthesis Sanket Biswas, Pau Riba, Josep Lladós and Umapada Pal
372 Oral session 2 EAPML: Ensemble Self-Attention-based Positive Mutual Learning Network for Document Image Classification Souhail Bakkali, Zuheng Ming, Mickael Coustaty and Marcal Rusinol
373 Oral session 2 Beyond Document Object Detection: Instance-Level Segmentation of Complex Layouts Sanket Biswas, Pau Riba, Josep Llados and Umapada Pal
374 Oral session 2 Asking Questions on Handwritten Document Collections Minesh Mathew, Lluis Gomez, Dimosthenis Karatzas and C V Jawahar
375 Oral session 1 Learning from similarity and information extraction from structured documents Martin Holeček
376 Oral session 1 Learning-free Pattern Detection for Manuscript Research: An Efficient Approach Toward Making Manuscript Images Searchable Hussein Mohammed, Volker Märgner and Giovanni Ciotti
377 Oral session 2 Revealing a History: Palimpsest Text Separation with Generative Networks Anna Starynska, David Messinger and Yu Kong
378 Oral session 1 A two-step framework for text line segmentation in historical Arabic and Latin document images Olfa Mechi, Maroua Mehri, Rolf Ingold and Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara
379 Oral session 1 Data Augmentation using Geometric, Frequency, and Beta Modeling approaches for Improving Multi-lingual Online Handwriting Recognition Yahia Hamdi, Houcine Boubaker and Adel Alimi
380 Oral session 1 Self-Supervised Deep Metric Learning for ancient papyrus fragments retrieval Antoine Pirrone, Marie Beurton-Aimar and Nicholas Journet